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Re: File type misclassification

>>> Sigh.  Seems like a magic string for the "TeXshop" TeX editor.  But I
>>> think just ruling out [VT] is still asking for trouble.
>> I think a bug report to the TeXshop is in order.
> Uh, you people are joking, right?


> It is not a bug in TeXshop if Emacs' magic-mode-alist goes out of control
> and calls everything "PostScript".

The %! thingy is not Emacs's invention.  It's how postscript was specified.
And for that reason `file greek-utf8.tex' agrees with Emacs.

This said, I'd be happy to see the %! entry removed from magic-mode-alist,
because I think magic-mode-alist should really be kept to its absolute
strictest minimum.


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