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Re: Please unblock apt-spy/3.1-16

On Thu, Mar 08, 2007 at 09:55:12PM +0100, Robert Luberda wrote:
> I recently did a QA upload of apt-spy to fix quite important 
> bug #394376, i.e.  segmentation fault which used to occur when 
> apt-spy had been called with the `-w' option.

> Previous uploader changed the build process a bit by using dh_install
> instead of cp and starting using quilt to maintain patches to upstream
> source. The changes are safe: 3.1-15 had been in unstable for over 50
> days with no new bugs reported.

> For convenience, I'm attaching diff between 3.1-14.1 and quilt-patched
> 3.1-16 (i.e. after running `debian/rules patch') with changes to 
> README.mirror.txt and debian/patches/* removed.


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