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Bug#400923: (no subject)

Steve Langasek wrote:
On Sun, Dec 17, 2006 at 01:29:31PM +0200, Mohammed Sameer wrote:

I don't know if it makes a difference, but I'm quite sure I didn't have this problem on another unstable machine. The machine which is having the problem was recently installed from scratch; the other machine had been running unstable for a couple of years, and had also been installed from scratch.

Just can't figure out why the problem exhibited itself on one machine more readily than another.

I'm not really sure why you are having a different behaviour with 2 different unstable
installations. I don't have enough time to dig farther so I took the simple approach
and set the DISPLAY before invoking the terminal widget itself.

Andreas, Can you please sponsor it ?

Here are the files: http://home.foolab.org/debs/multi-gnome-terminal/
And here's the dsc file: http://home.foolab.org/debs/multi-gnome-terminal/multi-gnome-terminal_1.6.2-13.dsc

Sorry, I've been a bit out of the loop.

Eventually, it would be _great_ if all the variables that a gnome-terminal session knows about are also known by a multi-gnome-terminal session. Other ones that I depend on regularly are SSH_AGENT_PID SSH_AUTH_SOCK.

Thanks for your help,
Jeff Beaird
Digital Access and Information Architecture Department
University Libraries of Notre Dame

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