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Bug#389163: How to handle filename conflict "aleph" (Packages aleph, tetex-bin, texlive-bin)?

* Frank Küster (frank@kuesterei.ch) [061212 21:36]:
> The right solution to this would be to package the "new upstream version"
> of aleph, which changes the name to afnix.  However, the aleph package
> has been orphaned (#374120), and the ITP afnix has not yet yielded a
> package.  I wouldn't want to rely on that for etch (although this is the
> first time I contact Paul about this, so I might be wrong).
> If there'll be no afnix package in etch, the only other solution to this
> problem seems to be to remove aleph from testing - any NMUing won't make
> sense without doing the actual work of packaging afnix.
> To me it seems as if the current situation is better than having no
> aleph/afnix at all.  However, it violates the release policy.
> What should we do?

Why is it better than to drop aleph? If a package is way outdated, and
RC buggy, and also aleph is practically unchanged since Sarge, I think
that is still grounds for a removal.


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