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Bug#374242: Removal of electric

retitle 377942 RM: electric -- RoQA; unmaintained; semi-obsolete
close 377942

Re: Kai Hendry 2006-07-14 <20060714043344.GO6280@iki.fi>
> > > My hope is that Java electric does get eventually get packaged though
> > > its current buggy C version in Debian should be removed.
> > Popcon reports >100 users, and the package has 0 RC/important bugs.
> > Imho it should only be removed once the Java-Version is in the
> > archive.
> I've already opened a bug for its removal.
> http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=377942

I've removed the "RC" bit (and the "low-usage") from the title since
it's not true, and closed it.

> I'm inexperienced when it comes to these matters. If you think it is a
> good idea to give this upstream unmaintained code in, then fine.

I'm all for removing crap, but if a simple B-D bump resolves the
issue... If anyone still wants electric to go, please reopen #377942,
I won't object.

> I've quickly prepared an NMU:
> http://hendry.iki.fi/debian/unstable/electric_6.05-2.2_i386.changes

Uploaded as 6.05-3.

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