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Bug#375158: current yaboot does not boot from CD on IBM CHRP

Package: yaboot
Version: 1.3.13-5
Severity: grave

starting with yaboot 1.3.13-5 all D-I builds (iso images past beta2)
won't boot from cdrom on IBM CHRP machines. I've done a local rebuild of yaboot
(current unstable) and re-created the installer image using that yaboot
binary. The resulting iso image boots fine then.

Tested on IBM 7043-150 (single 604), 7044-270 (dual POWER3) and 
9131-52a (quad POWER5) - all with recent firmware.

I suggest a binary NMU of yaboot before D-I beta3 is released.
(note, as suggested on debian-powerpc, I have raised the severity to
grave to get RM's attention, as yaboot is currently orphaned).

 - Christian

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