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Re: [Haskelldb-users] haskelldb fails to build on debian-amd64

Roberto Pariset wrote:
haskelldb fails to build from source on debian-amd64, with a lot of errors
like: " undefined reference to `stg_ap_p_ret' ", as shown at [1].
I have to say I have never heard of haskell before, so I was wondering if
you could give me any hint to fix it. A good starting point would be
pointing me where stg_ap_p_ret is defined, as I haven't been able to find
out (am I unable to use google?). All the best,

PS. please include me in your replies, don't just mail the list!


Hi Roberto,

the log that you link to seems to be for the GHC build, not HaskellDB, and it doesn't seem to contain the error messages that you mention. I did find the HaskellDB log with the errors at:

I think that the stg_ap_p_ret function belongs to the GHC run-time system, but I don't know what would cause the linker to not find it.

/Björn (HaskellDB maintainer)

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