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Bug#350743: libkexi-dev: kexidb/connection.h includes tristate.h instead of kexidb/tristate.h

On Tuesday 31 January 2006 16:13, Michael Karcher wrote:
> But I would still consider this an upstream bug. Either the file is
> named "kexidb/tristate.h" or it is named "tristate.h". With both choices
> it should be put at the right place, that
> is /usr/include/kde/kexidb/tristate.h for the first case,
> and /usr/include/kde/tristate.h in the second case.

> This will of course work, but I consider it as an ugly hack.

When we decided to install the file in kexidb, we considered sticking the file 
in include/kde ugly, particularly since we've proposed that the class be 
adopted for KDE4's kdelibs and we've no idea which other KDE projects might 
want to use such a filename before KDE4.

Another reason for not just installing the file willy-nilly into include/kde 
is that we're also trying to support users building from source, who need to 
be easily able to remove an install and start from scratch easily when things 
go pear-shaped.

I know it's not the most elegant solution, but that's the trade-off that was 
decided on at the time.  The situation may change when the headers we need to 
install become more stable.

To reiterate: for now, just add the extra dir to your includes.  Calling 
something I've done in my free time 'ugly', and assuming that I don't 
understand the problem, won't get it fixed any faster.

> I see how they work around the problem using a lot of configure code. It
> would be nice if just something along the lines of
> oldcppflags="$CPPFLAGS"
>   [echo "No kexi found, aborting";exit 1])
> CPPFLAGS="$oldcppflags"
> would simply work.

Why doesn't the above work?  What error do you get?

I don't see what configure code has to do with it at all (though I confess I'm 
not willing to think too deeply about it right now).

As far as I'm concerned, the only thing needed is to add an extra directory to  
AM_CPPFLAGS in the Makefile.am (assuming using the KDE build system).


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