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Bug#350743: libkexi-dev: kexidb/connection.h includes tristate.h instead of kexidb/tristate.h

On Tuesday 31 January 2006 14:13, Michael Karcher wrote:
> Package: libkexi-dev
> Version: 1:0.9-1+b1
> Severity: normal
> /usr/include/kde/kexidb/connection.h contains the line
> #include <tristate.h>
> which should include the provided tristate header file. The other
> include directives indicate, that /usr/include/kde/kexidb is not
> expected to be in the include path, so it should read
> #include <kexidb/tristate.h>

I don't think it should.  tristate.h is not kept in the kexidb directory in 
source, so we won't be able to compile if we make this change.

tristate.h is only put into the kexidb dir to avoid polluting your include/kde 

For now, please add both include/kde and include/kde/kexidb to include paths 
to build against Kexi.  If you'd like to see an example of building against 
Kexi using the installed headers, please see the external MS Access (MDB) 
import plugin.



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