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Bug#336047: epos upload soon to fix packaging bugs

In a few days I intend to do a QA upload to fix the following bugs in epos:

#336047: Tries to use non-essential package on purge
The check for deluser is broken; bug contains the trivial fix:
> test -n `which deluser` gives always true...
> test -n "`which deluser`" works.

#341426: epos: missing dependency on perl-modules
The deluser functions used in the maintainer scripts require the presence of 
perl-modules. The obvious fix is to make epos depend on perl-modules.

epos may not be the world's most popular package, but it is used by the 
kdeaccessibility module, so I'd like to make it properly 

Let me know if you have any objections or additions.

Christopher Martin

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