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Bug#268281: missing words

Hoi Bas,

> Here are some words that seem to be missing from the dutch
> wordlist/spellchecker (taken from my ~/.aspell.dutch.pws):

I'm updating the 'dutch' package and looked into your suggestions.

> - uitprodukt

This is misspelled, should be "uitproduct", and is jargon (see below).

> - veelgemaakt

I'm not sure this needs to be concatenated.

> - online

This is currently misspelled, should be "on line", the new spelling per
Aug 2006 (to be announced soon) will probably change that into "online",
but we'll update the whole package then.

> - monopool
> - monopoolveld
> - golffunctie
> - vectorpotentiaal
> - Maxwellvergelijking

These are jargon. I'm not sure what the policy is on including those, I
think there are separate lists for specific jargon. Will look into that.
Same goes for the computer jargon.

> - marktwerking

This is present in VD HN, so should be included.

> - licentievoorwaarde
> - zelfgeschreven

These might be added aswell.


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