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Bug#328727: Fwd: Re: Bug#328727: xmms freezes on the desktop

Forwarding this follow-up to the bug report in question. Good luck!

Christopher Martin

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Subject: Re: Bug#328727: xmms freezes on the desktop
Date: September 18, 2005 20:08
From: omagaki@shaw.ca
To: Christopher Martin <christopher.martin@utoronto.ca>

Hi Chris,

My XMMS is a new install. Since I sent in the bug, I have managed to invoke
XMMS as a plug-in in Konqueror by clicking on  the "listen" button on
 various Shoutcast streams. XMMS takes about 1 to 2 minutes to
 automatically connect to the shoutcast server at which point it plays
 normally provided one does not click on the "play" button in the XMMS

If "play" is clicked, XMMS shuts down. Bug report # 191536 on XMMS
 mentioned XMMS freezing when "play" is clicked. So far, all I have tested
 is XMMS on streaming audio. Haven't tried it on a cd yet or playlists.

Might be just a quirk of 64 bit "sarge" installation. Trying out Debian for
the first time on a new machine so still learning the ropes. Along with
 SuSE, Debian is a great o/s. The less said about Windows XP Home Edition,
 the better.


Felix B

On Saturday 17 September 2005 08:48, you wrote:
> severity 328727 important
> tags 328727 unreproducible
> stop
> On September 16, 2005 19:00, fb wrote:
> > Package: xmms
> > Version: 1.2.10+cvs20050209-2
> > Severity: grave
> > Justification: renders package unusable
> >
> > xmms when opened as an application, immediately crashes and ceases to
> > function. Clicking the "play" applet in xmms, causes xmms to freeze to
> > the desktop after which xkill must be invoked to delete xmms from the
> > desktop.
> I can't reproduce the problem here. Could you provide more information?
> The incoming maintainer will likely need more data to investigate
> properly. Did XMMS just cease functioning one day, or did you just
> install it? If you launch XMMS from a console, what errors appears on the
> console when it crashes? If you upgrade to the package in Sid, does the
> problem change?
> Cheers,
> Christopher Martin


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