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NMU for #318808: libcapi20-3: missing library files and links

tags 318808 +pending

Due to the gravity of this bug (and it blocking my uploading a package
I want to adopt <grin>), I have NMU'd isdnutils with a fix for this

The NMU has been uploaded to the delayed/14 queue (Tollef Fog Heen's
implementation in his home on gluck). This means that you (Paul) can
override the NMU within 2 weeks with a fixed upload of your own. Past
this delay, the NMU will be installed in Debian. When db.debian.org
comes back up, if you have a vacation message saying "NMU at will", I
may shorten that delay.

People that don't have access to gluck can download my packages from
http://www.mdcc.cx/debian/, in the "sid" distribution, component
"main". (Only the build for sparc is there, but the sources are there
as well.)

Yours truly,


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