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Bug#299963: cl-odcl: package description typo(s) and the like

Package: cl-odcl
Version: 1.3.5-3
Severity: minor

I searched through the Packages file a bit for typos and the like - below
you find a diff of this package's description (a) showing what I think is
wrong and (b) how I suggest it to be corrected.

For some discussion that took place on debian-devel before filing this bug,
see http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2005/03/msg01170.html
(msgid <20050315043210.GA29464.florz.dyndns.org>).

 Description: Common Lisp utilities from onShore Development
  A Commmon Lisp library of utility functions.  This package contains a
  number of useful utility functions for Lisp developers.
  Include are editing contexts, a transaction system, a filesystem
- database with indexing, a LRU cache algorithm, time functions, simple
+ database with indexing, an LRU cache algorithm, time functions, simple
  i18n/l10n, developer diagnostics, a test regression system, SMTP
  mailer, object property sets and utility functions related to lists,
  strings and numbers.
  Homepage: http://alpha.onshored.com/lisp-software/#odcl

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