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Bug#244276: Bug#294459: HTML manual generated by a broken tex4ht install

> This sounds like a bug in tex4ht, right?  I can't alter that package
> to fix this file and make that build-depends from within the darcs
> package.  I think that tex4ht is orphaned in Debian?  Maybe I could
> try to do an NMU...

tex4ht is indeed orphaned; I've added the corresponding WNPP O:
bug #268126 to the CC list. If you consider an NMU, or if you
could adopt it, you'll be blessed by many.

The latest upstream fixes a ton of other bugs,
see http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/pkgreport.cgi?pkg=tex4ht

The upstream was asked by Debian to provide literate sources
(see #244276 tex4ht: source code is obfuscated), and the thing
was marked as a serious policy violation. The upstream
took a considerable effort to do so and provide them at his site, and
his efforts were never acknowledged -- instead the package got
orphaned :( just another b/g info on why it's probably high time
to do an NMU.


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