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Bug#121621: Urgent:Update your file now!

Dear Maryann,

Some time ago you completed a form on the internet requesting help with re-financing your home. Since then we have not heard from you. 
Either if you have already re-financed or have not yet found what you are looking for, you may want to take a look at our website,
our offers start at as low as 3.077 Our form gives you the convenience of choosing which monthly payment is best for you depending on your circumstances.
This flexibility allows you to accelerate your payment in months where money is no problem, and at other times choose an option such as interest only,
and pay hudreds less. In any event, if you have a credit score of 450 or more, our form will be right for you, and save you hundreds of dollars each and every month! plus free quota right now


Amber Whitten 
offers manager, 

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