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Bug#280809: Bug#278229: autofs: Error message when starting

>>>>> "SHG" == Steinar H Gunderson <sgunderson@bigfoot.com> writes:

Hi Steinar!

 >> /usr/sbin/automount --timeout=300 /home yp auto_home -rsize=32768,wsize=32768,intr,-proto=udp,intr,vers=3 
 >> /usr/sbin/automount --timeout=300 /neti yp auto_neti -rsize=32768,wsize=32768,intr,-intr,vers=3 
 >> /usr/sbin/automount --timeout=300 /nfs2 yp auto_nfs2 -rsize=32768,wsize=32768,intr,-proto=udp,intr,vers=2 

 SHG> Ah, so obviously I must remove the last - as well. Try the included patch
 SHG> instead.

This patch is better, but it don't work in the case of no options in
the +-entry but options in the nis-map auto-master. That case results
in this:

/usr/sbin/automount --timeout=300 /neti yp auto_neti ,intr,vers=3 

/ Anders

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