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Bug#278229: autofs: Error message when starting

>>>>> "SHG" == Steinar H Gunderson <sgunderson@bigfoot.com> writes:

 SHG> On Tue, Oct 26, 2004 at 08:56:03AM +0200, Anders Boström wrote:
 >> It still seems to be a documented feature to pass options to
 >> "+"-entries.

 SHG> Take a look at the patch for #280209 -- this is a duplicate, and the patch
 SHG> there should help for this bug as well, of course. If it helps people, I'll
 SHG> put it into the next upload of autofs.

The patch in 280209 is broken, it don't work at all if options is used
in the nis-map auto.master. Take a look at this:

sid:/etc# cat /etc/auto.master
# $Id: auto.master,v 1.3 2003/09/29 08:22:35 raven Exp $
# Sample auto.master file
# This is an automounter map and it has the following format
# key [ -mount-options-separated-by-comma ] location
# For details of the format look at autofs(5).
#/misc  /etc/auto.misc --timeout=60
#/misc  /etc/auto.misc
#/net   /etc/auto.net
/var/autofs/misc        /etc/auto.misc
/var/autofs/net         /etc/auto.net
/mnt/linux32/home       yp:auto_home
+auto.master -rsize=32768,wsize=32768,intr
sid:/etc# ypcat -k auto.master
/- auto_direct -intr,vers=3
/net -hosts -intr,vers=3,nosuid
/home auto_home -proto=udp,intr,vers=3
/xfn -xfn
/neti auto_neti -intr,vers=3
/nfs2 auto_nfs2 -proto=udp,intr,vers=2
sid:/etc# /etc/init.d/autofs status
Configured Mount Points:
/usr/sbin/automount --timeout=300 /var/autofs/misc file /etc/auto.misc 
/usr/sbin/automount --timeout=300 /var/autofs/net program /etc/auto.net 
/usr/sbin/automount --timeout=300 /mnt/linux32/home yp auto_home 
/usr/sbin/automount --timeout=300 /home yp auto_home -rsize=32768,wsize=32768,intr,-proto=udp,intr,vers=3 
/usr/sbin/automount --timeout=300 /neti yp auto_neti -rsize=32768,wsize=32768,intr,-intr,vers=3 
/usr/sbin/automount --timeout=300 /nfs2 yp auto_nfs2 -rsize=32768,wsize=32768,intr,-proto=udp,intr,vers=2 

Active Mount Points:
/usr/sbin/automount --pid-file=/var/run/autofs/_var_autofs_misc.pid --timeout=300 /var/autofs/misc file /etc/auto.misc
/usr/sbin/automount --pid-file=/var/run/autofs/_var_autofs_net.pid --timeout=300 /var/autofs/net program /etc/auto.net
/usr/sbin/automount --pid-file=/var/run/autofs/_neti.pid --timeout=300 /neti yp auto_neti -rsize=32768,wsize=32768,intr,-intr,vers=3
/usr/sbin/automount --pid-file=/var/run/autofs/_nfs2.pid --timeout=300 /nfs2 yp auto_nfs2 -rsize=32768,wsize=32768,intr,-proto=udp,intr,vers=2

The options passed to automount from the +-entries in auto.master is
just concatenated with the options from the nis-map auto.master,
resulting in invalid options to automount if options in the nis-map
auto.master is used.

/ Anders

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