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Bug#277469: libxml-libxml-perl: last upgrade breaks axkit


Michael Kröll <michael.kroell@uibk.ac.at> writes:

> I am a Debian newbie and as I seem to have too much time on this Sunday
> morning I created my first two Debian packages ;-)
> http://zis.uibk.ac.at/.m/scratch/debian/libxml-libxml-perl_1.58-1_i386.deb
> http://zis.uibk.ac.at/.m/scratch/debian/libxml-libxslt-perl_1.57-1_i386.deb

wow - first impression's quite good :-)

> Maybe other AxKit users (Kjetil?, Volker?) can test those packages too
> and someone will think about including the upstream XML::LibX* versions
> in Sarge (Please!!!)

with pleasure ;-)

perhaps more details will follow.



         Volker Hess ** volker@unix-ag.org ** http://www.online-h.de/

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