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Bug#269668: rdiff-backup crashes trying to backup to NFS directory

begin  quotation of Steve Langasek on 2004-09-15 18:19:14 -0700:

> If this bug is unreproducible, should it also be downgraded?

I had planned on giving him two weeks from the date (Sept. 4) I last
sent the bunch of questions I hoped would help, but he hasn't replied
and I don't see any pressing reason to keep this open three more days.

Andreas said that things magically worked when he downgraded to the
ancient 0.6.1 in stable, which doesn't have the feature set that
appears to have triggered this bug, so that doesn't surprise me.

I'm going to close it - Andreas, if you can provide more information
on the questions I asked, I'd like to look into this more, but I
simply haven't been able to reproduce it and no one on the
rdiff-backup lists has reported a similar problem.


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