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Important note for maintainers of packages depending on tetex-bin

First of all, please apoligize if you receive this mail several times,
the list in the Cc: was generated automatically, and when I first tried
the list was moved into the message body instead of the Cc.

During the development of teTeX in the last months we introduced a
couple of important changes. We did not foresee that this could cause
problems with packages depending on tetex-bin, but unfortunately it

Therefore we suspect that there might be also other packages that have
similar problems which have been so far been undetected, and we ask all
maintainers to test their packages against the current tetex packages:

- Do they still build?
- Can they still be installed?
- Do they still work?

Possible causes of failure are:

- Some packages create formats during building or installation, and have
  format names hardcoded in them. Because of a switch from TeX to e-TeX,
  the format names have changed from *.fmt to *.efmt in many cases

- There might be (font) packages that call /usr/bin/updmap with the
  option "--outputdir". Since the location of the generated map files
  has been changed, this will fail to change the actual configuration.

There might be other changes, but those are the ones we have encountered
so far.

Please remember to obey the Mail-followup-to and Reply-to fields, and
not send answers to everybody (161 recipients!). Also, if you want to
flame us because of the way we introduced those changes, please do this
under a different subjects.

Many apologies for this inconvenience,
Frank Küster, Biozentrum der Univ. Basel
Abt. Biophysikalische Chemie

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