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Bug#256846: nedit segfaults when resizing window

On Sun, 18 Jul 2004 16:28:15 -0400
other@hoko.org (Scott) wrote:

> I do not think I should have multiple versions of the source 
> headers unless the packages are bad, but this still does not explain the 
> problem I am seeing with the distribution package.

No, it doesn't explain it. The distribution package has been built in 
a clean environement (with pbuilder). 

> I am curious what version of other libraries you are using in your 
> system (ex libxt6, libxp6, xlibs...) since it always seems to bomb in Xt 
> functions.  Though it would be hard for me to try different versions 
> without up/downgrading my entire X system.

Installed version of  X libraries : 4.3.0.dsfg.1-5
Maybe I should try to install a kernel 2.6 (I use an old 2.2 kernel).

I will continue to investigate.

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