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Bug#256846: nedit segfaults when resizing window

On Sun, Jul 18, 2004 at 08:48:33PM +0200, Alexandre Pineau wrote:
> 	Hello,
> When you have reported this bug against Nedit, have you build the binary 
> from sources?
> The lesstif usptream author suspects that this issue can be related to having
> several versions of include files and library sources present on the system.
> 	Thanks of your help.
> Alexandre Pineau

I first experienced this bug using the packaged version, 5.4-1.  When I 
first started building it I had lesstif-dev installed and not 
lesstif2-dev (they conflict).  When I built manually the first time 
using this (not using the debian script) it worked properly.  I tried 
the debian build setup to see what was different (using 
dpkg-buildpackage) and it complained about missing build prereq of 
lesstif2-dev.  When I installed that and built the debian package 
manually, I encountered the issue.  I edited the control to not require 
lesstif2-dev, and reinstalled lesstif-dev and built again using 
dpkg-buildpackage and once again it worked properly, experiencing no 
problems.  I do not think I should have multiple versions of the source 
headers unless the packages are bad, but this still does not explain the 
problem I am seeing with the distribution package.

I am curious what version of other libraries you are using in your 
system (ex libxt6, libxp6, xlibs...) since it always seems to bomb in Xt 
functions.  Though it would be hard for me to try different versions 
without up/downgrading my entire X system.


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