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Bug#246486: Will work on this


Craig Steffen here.  I'm the person who's declared an ITA on
roleplaying.  Although admittedly I've not gotten to working on it as
I'd like.  I'll try to remedy that now.  

This bug is listed in the "Serious Policy Violation" section of the
bug report page.  The bug report itself is merely a dump of a build
log (which fails).  I assume the policy violation isn't that it
specifically violates a policy, but that a package with a broken build
can't be included into stable, and so the package is unsuitable for

I'll try to track this down.  What does "FTBFS" stand for?


Craig Steffen

public key available at http://www.craigsteffen.net/GPG/
current goal: use a CueCat scanner to inventory my books
career goal: be the first Vorlon Time Lord

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