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Bug#235149: faxcron set wrong permissions on files

Package: hylafax-server
Version: 1:4.1.1-3

Hylafax runs as uucp users and so all its log files are owned by uucp and are 
mode 0644.

On my Woody system I noticed that faxcron script is run weekly, after that 
several files are chowned to root and chmoded to 640. For files stored into 
the info directory it is a problem, because I get the following error in the 

    FaxSend[10744]: info/XXXXXXXXX: open: Permission denied

I suggest to fix faxcron changing "FAXUSER=root" into "FAXUSER=uucp:uucp" and 
also to set "-mode 644" into /etc/cron.weekly/hylafax to mantain the original 

Niccolo Rigacci

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