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Bug#214238: Only builds static libraries

Package: tse3
Severity: important

  I'm recording this information in the BTS so it's available for

  The Debian tse3 package only builds static libraries.  The reason for
this is that the author of tse3 does specify a soname when linking the
library, so it isn't safe to build shared libraries.  (the library's ABI
has changed from time to time)

  There are three ways that I see of dealing with this:

  (a) Only build static libraries; this is what we do now.
  (b) Contact the author and educate him about soname versioning.  I am
      attempting to do this now.
  (c) Add our own soname.  I am very reluctant to do this, as it could
      cause havoc when upstream finally moves to using sonames.


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