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Bug#209477: The package description does not follow Debian policy

Christian Perrier wrote:
> Hmmmmm. Looks like you've started a kind of crusade against silly
> descriptions, isn't it ? :-)
> This is a Good Thing, imho.
> As last NMU'er of cxhextris (the NMU should have been named "QA
> upload", I guess, as the package is orphaned), I've subscribed to the
> PTS for this package, so I've received this bug...and though it is not
> related to my recent changes for l10n, I feel concerned.
> I propose the following :
> Description: Color version of hextris
>  This is a classical "Tetris-like" game with hexagonal coloured pieces.

The only new information in this description is that the peices are
colored. It used to be significant that cxhextris has color, since there
was a program called hextris that did not. However, since hextris has
been removed a long time ago, and since almost all games have color
these days, it is really not significant. It would be better to change
the short description to reflect the changed state of affairs, to
something like "tetris with hexagonal peices".

Also, your new description loses the cute little pun in the old one.

Good job keeping the new description under one line though. ;-)

see shy jo

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