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Bug#178148: ssh2 bug identified

Package: ssh2
Version: 2.0.13-7

I see a fair number of bug reports about hanging after the password,
and the daemon running full tilt.  In my case, the problem is
/usr/bin/X11/xauth missing.  When I try to connect from an xterm to an
ssh2 daemon on a machine without X installed, I get the problem.
Turning off X11 forwarding doesn't help, but if I switch to a VC, then
I can connect.  After much playing around, I found that installing the
xbase-clients package, and hence xauth, fixes the problem.

I would recommend adding a dependency in the ssh2 package until the
bug in ssh2 is fixed (which it should be since it uses all of the CPU
on the server machine and can't be killed without root access).  I am
not submitting a bug to ssh2, could you do that for me?

Thanks, love debian.

       _ \<_

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