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Bug#163438: flick_2.1-2(hppa/unstable): FTBFS: missing rules in makefile?

On Sat, Oct 05, 2002 at 10:45:00PM +0200, Matej Vela wrote:
> But why does the autobuilder invoke `debian/rules build' when Policy
> section 7.6 clearly says you need Build-Depends-Indep for that:
>   [1]  If you make "build-arch" or "binary-arch", you need Build-Depends.  If
>        you make "build-indep" or "binary-indep", you need Build-Depends and
>        Build-Depends-Indep.  If you make "build" or "binary", you need both.
> I mean, I can make "build" a no-op instead of depending on "build-arch"
> and "build-indep", but either Policy or buildd should get fixed.

The autobuilder invokes dpkg-buildpackage as:
    dpkg-buildpackage -uc -us -B -m<foo> -rfakeroot
(-rsudo on mipsen)

If you feel you need to, the bug should be against dpkg-buildpackage...


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