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Bug#82906: Typos in elm -vv.

petr@hudec.name writes:

> > > > Is 2.4pl25ME+99c-1 okay?
> > > It wasn't in today's updates, so I cannot tell. I assume it will come
> > > tomorrow.
> > You can find it at <http://incoming.debian.org/> in the meantime.
> Well, yes, I know. :-) I was thinking to go to bed, though. I am just
> finishing weekly update on one of the servers and then go to bed. If it is
> relevant to you, I could do special update tomorrow (well, later today),
> otherwise I would leave for the next update (which I would most likely do
> next Sunday).

Whenever suits you.

> Do you think this upload will get elm into testing? Right now, testing is
> without it.

If nothing untoward happens, yes.

> What's the URL (or where can I find a reference to it) where is list of
> reasons why a package (packages) is not added/updated in testing from
> unstable?




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