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Bug#82908: http://people.debian.org/~vela/elm-me+/00-debian.diff

petr@hudec.name writes:

> > > P.S.: Do you know if the pop3/imap problem was fixed in this version of
> > > Elm?
> > You mean #82908?  IMHO, and the author obviously agrees, mail.services is
> > a simple and elegant solution -- it is your mail server that is broken. 
> > AFAICT, the only relevant part of the bug is editing headers with arrows.
> You could also say that it is a wishlist for a documentation (example) of
> what to type once person presses 'c' to connect to POP3-only enabled server.
> Maybe it's been solved, but I haven't seen it in the package yet (then
> again, I haven't tried 2.4pl25ME+95 much (if I ever did)).

See section `Mail services config' in README.ME+ (yes, 2.4pl25ME+99c-1
provides the README.ME+ -> changelog symlink).

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