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Bug#66190: treetool: Treetool causes arithmetic exception/file open on alpha

Hi altogether,

On Wed, 12 Jun 2002, Helge Kreutzmann wrote:

> Did you just try the email adress of the original maintainer or did
> you any further research ? Maybe some group member of the MIT group
> can assist in finding a responsible person ? Maybe the bug submitter
> (Mrs. Hoef-Emden) who has some additional knowledge in the area can
> help location the author(s) or at least some person remotly involved ?

The only thing I can offer, is testing the bugfixed or presumably
bugfixed treetool on my alpha with some phylogenetic trees of mine and
tell you where it still crashes or behaves weird.

Best wishes,



Dr. Kerstin Hoef-Emden			Gyrhofstr. 15
Universität zu Köln			50931 Köln
Botanisches Institut			Germany

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