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Bug#66190: treetool: Treetool causes arithmetic exception/file open on alpha

On Wed, 12 Jun 2002, Mike McCaughey wrote:

> While not the original author, I was briefly responsible for
> maintaining treetool around 1994 for the Ribosomal Database Project
> at the University of Illinois.
At leas your name was listed as author in the Debian package ...

> I left the project in 1995, and the project itself moved to Michigan
> State University in 1997.  I believe that treetool was abandoned in
> 1995, and I never received formal permission to maintain or modify
> the code.
> Attempts to reach the original author of treetool have failed since
> 1995. I did receive verbal permission from the original PI to work on
> the code in late 2001, but formal written permission has never
> obtained.
Any chance to realive the project by getting a free license???

> In the meantime, several others have made modifications to treetool,
> most notably the folks involved in the debian package. I don't
> believe they ever obtained permission to modify the code either.
We did not modify the code - we just had some diff files containing
patchzes to make it work for Debian GNU/Linux (which perhaps let
the code work at all).  We always ship with the original code in
our archive of sources.

> I've always liked this program (although big chunks of the code
> stink) and I long to re-write it for Linux and PC, but I'm not sure
> it's worthwhile given the problems with permissions/ownership and
> small number of users. Currently, I code to feed my family, so fun
> freebies are pretty far down on the list. That said, if I can assist
> I would be glad to.  I currently have access to Solaris (SPARC) and
> x86-based Linux boxes.
Getting a free License would be a first great step.  Perhaps putting
the project to Savannah or SourceForge could make some fortune.

> If you have the ability to modify the code for your platform, I would
> go ahead and do so.
As I said, we do just patches in a diff file but we like to foreward
our changes upstream - if tehre is any upstream :-(.

Kind regards


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