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Bug#66190: treetool: Treetool causes arithmetic exception/file open on alpha

Hello !
On Wed, Jun 12, 2002 at 12:02:04PM +0200, Tille, Andreas wrote:
>     * Really ugly code (see above).  I fixed some of the easy to
>       fix warnings on my local disk, but it did not help.
>       For instance there is a quite suspicious implementation of
>       doubly linked list involved.  I would suggest to reimplement
>       with GLIB to make sure it would work on any architecture.

This is the same impression I have looking at the lots of unpleasant
messages from gcc when compiling the programm. Looks very 32bit

>     * I have found the exact point where the crash occures but it is
>       caused by a strange change of a pointer value without any
>       assigning of a value.  This means that the heap is crashed
>       badly.  Neigther dmalloc or efence helped me for the time slice
>       I spend in debugging.

I can test patches if they are sent to me (on alpha) but since I do
not use this programm I cannot help much myself either.

Best greetings


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