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Bug#66190: treetool: Treetool causes arithmetic exception/file open on alpha

On Tue, 11 Jun 2002, Helge Kreutzmann wrote:

> treetool dies with "Arithmetic Exception" upon opening of files. The
> build log shows many "Casting Integer to pointer without cast" or
> "Comparing Integer to Pointer of different size". I can provide the
> full build log if desired.
> The gdb backtrace of a binary build with -g follows:
> ...
I got my hands on an Alpha machine at LinuxTag and spend some hours in
debugging treetool.  My impression was:

    * Unmaintained since several years (I tried to contact the author
      because of a missing license but recived no response)
    * No license statemend which would allow people to continue
    * Really ugly code (see above).  I fixed some of the easy to
      fix warnings on my local disk, but it did not help.
      For instance there is a quite suspicious implementation of
      doubly linked list involved.  I would suggest to reimplement
      with GLIB to make sure it would work on any architecture.
    * I have found the exact point where the crash occures but it is
      caused by a strange change of a pointer value without any
      assigning of a value.  This means that the heap is crashed
      badly.  Neigther dmalloc or efence helped me for the time slice
      I spend in debugging.

This is bad news and I can only suggest to find another architecture if
you really depend from this program.  Any hints or fixes are very welcome.

Kind regards


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