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Bug#134742: Spying at http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=134742


"A month of sundays ago Kari Hurtta wrote:"
> Spying at http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=134742&repeatmerged=yes
> | Elm appears to search dirents under every component of the $MAIL path
> | with stat64. When some of these components have softlinks pointing into
> | an autofs-controlled areas (e.g. cdrom, or NFS mounts), the stat64
> I of course do not know about Debian,
> but are you tried elmrc option:
> local-fast-lookup = yes                      

Thanks for the suggestion.

No I haven't. Because the bug manifested itself only recently in 
2.4pl25ME+89-2, after being absent in 2.4pl25ME+66-1. So I presumed
it was unintentional. And the strace clearly shows a search that 
one can easily interpret as a coding mistake. So I haven't been
looking for exotic explanations where a simple one suffices! 

> That option have following description:
> # If set indicates that directory listing not needed for lookup

?? Double dutch! Lookup of what? What directory listing?

> # Need to be unset, if same character on local-fs-charset is several
> # repesentations (or encodings)

Again, this is not english. What? "is several representations"? Do they
mean "HAS several representations"?

> #
> # See also: local-fs-charset, imap-fast-lookup
> ### local-fast-lookup = OFF

The comments are incomprehensible, I am afraid, which is a bug in

However, I'll try it ...

with elm ... 66-1 ..

  nbd:/tmp% elm
  I can't understand keyword "local-fast-lookup" in line 18 in ".elm/elmrc" file
  I can't understand keyword "gpg" in line 166 in ".elm/elmrc" file
  Fix .elm/elmrc or let elm rebuild elmrc with option '-w'

with elm .. 95-3 ..

 grrr .. doesn't work at all with nfs mounts. Wait while I recompile with
 appropriate locking options.

 Yes. I would say that 

    local-fast-lookup = yes

 works! The difference is profoundly noticable with the option set and
 unset. One hangs for a minute, the other goes through like lightning.

However, I think that's just a workaround. 


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