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2 issues about zope-* packages

Hi all,
I'd like to discuss with you two issues regarding zope modules packages.

The first is about debconf use: last time i sent you a similar mail about this
issues i lost all replys, so i do not really know your position about this.
I'd like to encourage all of you to use debconf to prompt the user about zope
restart. Moreover I'd like all of us to use a similar (or the same) question:
I proposed a set that I gladly see adopted by most of you (new translation was
added, see bug #135869).
The point is now evolved: since many of us uses the same prompt,
I'm wandering about having a kind of zope-dev package that can collect the
debconf template and config file (usefull to handle translation), and the
package postinst and prerm files which I've writed as template (quite simple).
Such a package may be used in Build-Depends to copy newer version of the above
mentioned files and then build the package.

The second issue is abuot the zope restart for each zope modules installed:
refer to bug #134516.
I think that we can do something better using apt.conf option. [1]
My idea is that the prompt should be:

Would you like to restart zope:
(1) After module package unpacking.
(2) Once, at the end of the installation process.
(3) Manually.

If option (2) is selected, zope modules packages may touch a file [2] on
postinst to state that user wants zope to be restarted only once at the end;
zope, that installed an apt configuration file [3], may uses the apt option
[1] to restart itself checking for packages file [2].

I'd appreciate any opinion, hint and so on.



for example /var/tmp/zope/<pkg>.restart or /var/tmp/zope/<pkg>.restart.XXXX if
you think that temporary files should be used.

/etc/apt/apt.conf.d/70zope for examples
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