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Re: RFS: colorzero/2.0-1 [ITP] -- Construct, convert, and manipulate colors in a Pythonic manner.

Hi Peter,

On Sat, Jun 19, 2021 at 01:03:31PM +0100, Peter Green wrote:
Just done some reviewing/tweaking. I've pushed the following changes to the git repo, please tell me if you have any objections.

I added a gpb.conf to make git-buildpackage actually use pristine tar and hence result in an orig tarball that was consistent with what is already in Ubuntu.

I found the clean target was not cleaning up the "egg-info" so I added a command to do that.

I added a closes: entry for the ITP bug.

No objections at all -- all looks good to me! Still getting used to gbp (I was testing the builds with sbuild prior to uploading to Salsa, hence why I missed the not-cleaning-up-egg-info).

That leaves one issue that I think still needs to be sorted before I sponsor the package.

The file "copyrights" has no license header and the git history says it was copied but not where from. Poking around I discovered a script of the same name in gpiozero, containing what appears to be the same code and committed by you with a commit message of "create copyright header", so I presume this script is entirely your work, assuming it is I would suggest adding a copyright header upstream and then picking the commit up as a Debian patch until there is another upstream release.

You're absolutely correct I shamelessly copied my "copyrights" script from gpio-zero :). I'll add a copyright header on there in a mo and pick the commit as a patch.

Finally would you consider adding me as a co-maintainer.

Certainly -- I'll add you to "Uploaders" as Emmanuel suggests later in the thread.



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