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Joining the team

Hi everyone!

First, an apology: it seems I misremembered being in the team, and uploaded to
NEW a bunch of packages with the team in `Uploaders`.  While I guess that's
technically valid (I'm fine with the Python team uploading to them), I am not
exactly comfortable with having done so without being a team member or clearing
it first with you all.

I... guess that's what I get for packaging and dput-ing when sleep deprived >_>'
(I was trying to deal with insomnia by packaging a new tool, multiplex.)

Anyhow, sorry about that, I will fix it with the next source upload if you
do not with for those modules to be in the Python team.

Second, I would like to join the team  ^.^

- I'm maintaining a couple other Python things, which I would be interested in
  maintaining within the team, incl. aiostream, ansicolors, easy-ansi, and
  multiplex, that I packaged last night.

- I'm interested in using click-man to generate the manpages of some of my
  packages, and even opened the RFP bug for it, but there seem to be issues with
  running it during the package build, so I'd be interested in working on that
  too. (Presumably collaborating with Ryan, who packaged it?)

- I'm mentoring my friend Guiness, who expressed interest in adopting a couple
  of modules (currently orphaned) and contributing bugfixes etc. to existing
  packages, so she might want to join the team at some point.

- I already maintain a couple of Python modules and applications inside auth-team,
  which I might keep there, as they are tightly coupled to C libraries which are
  also packaged there.

Please do poke me on IRC (I am nicoo on OFTC, and am in #d-python) as I have
trouble keeping up with all the mailing lists  :)



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