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Re: Discussing next steps for the Python2 removal

On Thu, Oct 24, 2019 at 4:09 PM Ondrej Novy <novy@ondrej.org> wrote:
> We want to bump all bugs to RC bugs, if they are:

Was there anyone from the RT that ack'd this? Paul is here and i guess
he can do that now: there could be hundreds of new RC bugs in a blink.

> * leaf package
> * with py2 binary

do we really want to remove from testing (and subsequently from
debian, as mentioned below) if it both has a py2 and a py3k package?
should we limit this to py2-ONLY packages?

> * bug is not marked as py2keep
> * all modules and low popcon apps (< 300)

JFYI for now i was steering clear of removing py2 support even of
modules with high popcon (while it's true they may not have any rdeps
in the archive, there could be plenty of 3rd party code using them).

> If package will be removed from testing (auto-rm), we are going to remove them from unstable. We are going to run this process semi-automatically (after more packages gets leaf). First version of list should be checked (emailed to this ML). We need to prepare draft of RC-bumper email.

mailing an explanation can be tricky: currently the script simply
generates a mail to control@ and that's usually accepted within
seconds of it sending it. but the BTS mail server do implement
greylisting and throttling so generating a huge number of individual
emails could just result in them being queued on my machine until
accepted, and make the script generate duplicate emails (possibly
confusing the end users and definitely un-necessary).

we could go with multi-recipients emails, but first we need to
identify how many recipients is acceptable for the BTS mail severs
(there are usually rules in place to prevent spam), and that also
means there will be a rather long "control header" (for the control
commands) in the email, rendering rather ineffective the text of the
explanation, which will be at the bottom.

> We will send email to d-d-a with current state, our next steps, etc.
> We are going to bump Lintian tags severity:
> * python-foo-but-no-python3-foo: warning->error
> * dependency-on-python-version-marked-for-end-of-life: pedantic->warning
> * new-package-should-not-package-python2-module: warning->error
> * build-depends-on-python-sphinx-only: warning->error
> * depends-on-python2-and-python3: info->warning
> * script-uses-unversioned-python-in-shebang: info->warning

is there any plan to make some of this tags an upload-rejecting one?

thanks everyone on working to get rid of python2 from debian!

Sandro "morph" Tosi
My website: http://sandrotosi.me/
Me at Debian: http://wiki.debian.org/SandroTosi
G+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+SandroTosi

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