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Discussing next steps for the Python2 removal

Paul Gevers from the release team pointed out that the Python2 removal is causing some uninstall-ability issues in testing because some packages apparently are removed too early, but never the less are migrating to testing. He suggested to make the removal plan more concrete and having a timeline.

So maybe people interested in joining the discussion and wanting to help could come to #debian-python on this Thu, Oct 24, 18:00 UTC. If needed, with a follow-up on Sat, Oct 27, 18:00 UTC.

Topics could be:

 - filing removal bugs for packages which don't have a bug
   report yet.

 - when to raise bug severity for which bugs, even now
   for leaf packages?

 - bumping lintian info to warn, warn to error, ask ftp-master
   to autoreject packages for some errors?

If you cannot join, please leave some comments in the "Discussions/Proposals" section at https://wiki.debian.org/Python/2Removal

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