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Python 2 and PyPy module removal from Debian


During DebConf19 we¹ have tried to figure out how to manage Python 2 and PyPy
module removal from Debian and below is our proposal.
After discussing it on this mailing list we plan to send an email to
debian-devel@l.d.o with a mass bug report and later an announcement about
Python 2.X / PyPy module removal with some hints about what to expect to

There's a release tracker set up for Python 2 removal:
but we plan to report a bug for each package that uses Python 2 or PyPy.

All these bugs will get "py2removal" usertag and later one or more additional
usertags - to make progress tracking a bit easier (release tracker is not
optimised for our case). Severity will be set to a RC one at some point so that
packages will be autoremoved from testing.

Additional tags we will use are:
• py2leaf - leaf package ready to be removed, i.e. without (build-)dependencies
  (including Recommends) in Debian main,
• py3available - Python 3 support is available upstream, package needs an
  update in Debian,
• py3noport - there's no upstream support for Python 3, needs a port done by us
  or package will be removed,
• py2keep - package that should not be removed for now (popcon >1000 by
  default). Please don't add this usertag without discussing it on the mailing
  list first,
• py2rm - packages that we will remove from Debian due to low popcon, etc.
  - all packages with popcon <100 will get this one by default

Each bug will mention wiki help page (which we invite you to improve):

Please keep the python-foo-doc package. Do not rename it to
python3-foo-doc. If python-foo was providing documentation: move it to
python3-foo or create python-foo-doc (not python3-foo-doc!) binary package.
If your package uses python-sphinx to build docs: replace it with

missing dh-python build dependency
There are ≈62² packages that use old dh_python2 helper (the one provided by
python package). This helper will be removed in few months. Please add
dh-python to Build-Depends (if your package cannot be upgraded to Python 3 or
removed from Debian). Bug reports will be reported soon for these packages.

There are ≈11² packages that use dh_python3 but do not depend on dh-python.
python3 package will stop depending on dh-python soon, so please add missing

In the next Boost transition Python 2 and Python 3 will get separate -dev
packages. Please make sure you build-depend on the right one (and remove
Python 2.X support if possible).

No need to wait for a bug report. If you have a leaf package, remove it now.
If you're not a DD, do it in the git repo and ping Piotr.

[¹] Dimitri, Matthias, Piotr, Stefano, Thomas
[²] https://lintian.debian.org/tags/missing-build-dependency-for-dh_-command.html

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