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Re: providing sphinx3-* binaries

On 09/29/2017 01:08 PM, PICCA Frederic-Emmanuel wrote:
> Hello guyes.
>> override_dh_sphinxdoc:
>> ifeq (,$(findstring nodocs, $(DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS)))
>                                 ^^^^
> nodocs or nodoc
> I alsa do something like this when there is extensions.
> override_dh_sphinxdoc:
> ifeq (,$(findstring nodoc, $(DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS)))
> 	PYBUILD_SYSTEM=custom \
> 	PYBUILD_BUILD_ARGS="cd docs && PYTHONPATH={build_dir} http_proxy='' {interpreter} -m sphinx -N -bhtml source build/html" dh_auto_build  # HTML generator
> 	dh_installdocs "docs/build/html" -p python-gpyfft-doc
> 	dh_sphinxdoc -O--buildsystem=pybuild
> endif

In fact, I was thinking that probably, it'd be nicer to even do:

ifeq (,$(findstring nodoc, $(DEB_BUILD_PROFILES)))

and have Build-Profiles: <!nodoc> for the python-foo-doc package. This
could even become a standard in the DPMT if everyone agrees.

Thoughts anyone?


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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