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Re: DEP 8: Gathering Django usage analytics

Quoting Barry Warsaw <barry@debian.org>:
I'd love to know if there's a Debian-wide policy on such things.  E.g. if
"opt-out with informed user consent" was an official policy that we could
clearly point to and reference, it would greatly help provide guidance to both
Debian maintainers and upstreams.

In the issue at github someone already points out that popcon is "opt-in"
and I'm sure, that the overwhelming majority in Debian is in favour of it
in contrast to "opt-out". I can understand, that upstream would prefer
the latter, but Debian has a reputation for taking privacy issues very
serious and likes to keep it. Not sure about any policy on this, though.
If Django implements usage analytics, I would strongly suggest to make it
"opt-in" in Debian, just as popcon, not "opt-out".


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