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Re: <DKIM> RFS: mistune -- Markdown parser in pure Python


Le 20/05/2015 09:16, Julien Puydt a écrit :
I have now made my package for mistune in the python-modules/ directory
on alioth. I used git like for my debian-science packages, since this
team's policy is moving in that direction too.

Mistune is a fast markdown parser in pure Python, and is a required dep
of ipython 3/jupyter, which was a motivation to package it.

Some other trivia :

Homepage: https://github.com/lepture/mistune
Vcs-Git: git://anonscm.debian.org/python-modules/packages/mistune.git
Copyright: 2014-2015 Hsiaoming Yang
License: BSD-3-clause

I need someone to mentor me on this first DPMT package, and if things
look neat enough, sponsor an upload to unstable.

This is still current.

Snark on #debian-python

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