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Re: RFS: python-tornado -- scalable, non-blocking web server and tools


Le 20/05/2015 17:18, Julien Puydt a écrit :
this package already exists in debian ; in fact, the DPMT's svn had
3.2.2-1, debian had 3.2.2-1.1 (a NMU for a *team* package... strange
idea), upstream has put 4.1.0 out with 4.2.0 to come [4.2.0.b1 is out,
so it's still interesting to work on 4.1.0].

I did the following :
- I pushed the changes from 3.2.2-1.1 in DPMT's svn repository ;
- I updated the DPMT's svn repository for a 4.1.0-1 :
   (-) removed outdated patches ;
   (-) refreshed old patches ;
   (-) added a patch so we use debian's ca-certificates (instead of a
new dep on a certifi package which looks for them around)
   (-) pushed standards-version up
   (-) add ca-certificates as a build-dep so tests pass at build-time
   (-) add myself to uploaders so it's not an NMU (I'm now part of the
team, thanks!)
   (-) updated d/ch to document the above.

Hopefully that didn't break anything...

Now I need someone to mentor the changes since I'm not an old-timer in
DPMT and a sponsor for an upload.

Still current,

Snark on #debian-python

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