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Re: favouring Python3 in the Debian policy

On May 08, 2014, at 06:41 AM, Ben Finney wrote:

>Can we converge on a single way to represent the names of these systems
>in the document? Currently there seems to be “python3”, “Python3”,
>“Python 3” used indiscriminately, without being clear why they would be
>spelled differently like that.
>I'd prefer to have:
>* “Python” as the name of the Python system at no specific version;
>* “Python 2” and “Python 3” where the version does matter;

And if more detail is necessary, "Python 3.4" or "Python 2.x".

>* “python” or “python3” for the name of the runtime interpreter;

If an interpreter path is required, "/usr/bin/python3", "/usr/bin/python2", or

>* “Python2” and “Python3” never used.



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