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Re: Packaging python-mocker and cloud-init in Debian ?

On Sun, 18 Mar 2012, Yaroslav Halchenko wrote:

> Indeed would be neat to get those into Debian.  FWIW python-mocker seems
> to be already in experimental  since A WHILE ( 02 Sep 2010 ), needs some
> TLC and push into unstable I guess ;-)

I can probably push on that a bit.

> I haven't looked into packaging of cloud-init, just blindly built
> it and lintianed:
> W: cloud-init source: missing-file-from-potfiles-in grub.templates
> W: grub-legacy-ec2: binary-without-manpage usr/sbin/grub-set-default
> W: grub-legacy-ec2: binary-without-manpage usr/sbin/grub-set-default-legacy-ec2
> W: grub-legacy-ec2: binary-without-manpage usr/sbin/update-grub-legacy-ec2
> W: cloud-init: binary-without-manpage usr/bin/cloud-init
> W: cloud-init: binary-without-manpage usr/bin/cloud-init-cfg
> W: cloud-init: binary-without-manpage usr/bin/cloud-init-per
> N: 3 tags overridden (2 errors, 1 warning)

Man pages are easy enough to fix.  I think I'd just write some from
scratch for those, and put cloud-init man pages into upstream cloud-init.

The grub stuff is only in the ubuntu package, and arguably should be
separate source from cloud-init entirely.  Basically, it maintains
/boot/grub/menu.lst without conflicting with grub-pc.

> Would you guys (Scott and Rodney) be interested to polish up packaging a bit so
> it complies with standards I think I could review/sponsor your uploads
> into Debian.    Rudimentary manpages might come useful... or may be
> enabling those scripts to handle --help gracefully and just use help2man to
> generate the manpages "for free"

I can get it generally lintian clean or at least have
good justification for what is complained about.

The one thing that will possibly need a bit of work is in sysvinit.
cloud-init really expects upstart.

Rodney, thanks for raising this, it has been on my TODO list for quite
some time.  I'd really appreciate any help you can offer, though.  Time is
more a limiting factor than anything else.

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