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Re: qscintilla2: package Python 3 bindings

On Mar 14, 2012, at 12:41 PM, Thomas Kluyver wrote:

>You changed the packaging to build for all supported Python 3 versions,
>rather than only the default (although I think only 3.2 is currently
>supported, anyway). I'd originally had it like that, but when I looked at
>the PyQt4 packaging, it was only targeting the default version (py3versions
>-vd), so I followed suit for qscintilla. How do we decide which option to

It would be nice to build for all supported Python 3 versions.  Python 3.3 is
currently scheduled for August of this year, but I'm hoping we'll start seeing
it show up in Debian around the time of the first beta in June.

Go to pyvideo.org and look for Benjamin Peterson's talk on why Python 3.3 will
be amazing.  Also, there's Brian Curtin's summary from the language summit at
Pycon 2012.


Also, take a look at recent python-dev email.  Guido has been pronouncing on a
slew of PEPs so expect to see a lot of great activity in the next few weeks.
While he hasn't pronounced on a namespace packages PEP yet, we had some long
discussion at the Pycon sprints about it, and I think there is a very high
likelihood that this will (finally!) get solved in Python 3.3, and it will
work out well for Debian packagers.

There's also an incredible amount of activity around porting to Python 3, so
keep an eye on upstreams as support start to land.  Thanks so much for your
own porting work!


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