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Re: style guide

[Jakub Wilk, 2012-02-13]
> * Barry Warsaw <barry@python.org>, 2012-02-07, 20:53:
> >http://wiki.debian.org/Python/LibraryStyleGuide
> * “The package […] should have a working setup.py or setup.cfg file”
> — err, surely setup.cfg without setup.py is not enough.

it will be enough soon (or was "packaging" released already?)

> * “there appears to be no way to prevent distribute explicitly from
> downloading the package” — some ideas how to do it:
> 3) Fool setuptools into using a non-functional HTTP proxy, e.g. by
> setting this in your debian/rules:
> export http_proxy =

I will use this trick in pymultibuild, thanks (and since I mentioned it
in public, now I have to get back into working on it, right? ;)

> * “debian/*.pyremove […] Again, this does not need a Python 3
> version.” - why it's not needed for Python 3?

since all Python 3 versions use the same directory¹ (and PEP402 is not
implemented yet), you can use rm command in debian/rules without too
many efforts

[¹] /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/
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